The Music Box is an ever-evolving musical village that celebrates New Orleans' rich musical and architectural history.

In 2011, New Orleans Airlift invited Caledonia Curry to create a sculpture in a condemned shotgun house in the Bywater section of New Orleans.


Looking to synthesize and celebrate two of the most remarkable aspects of New Orleans culture, Callie began with a sketch of a playable musical installation built within the architectural elements of the home. Working closely with artists Delaney Martin and Taylor Lee Sheppard, this vision expanded to become a fully-fledged musical architecture for New Orleans. 

In 2011 Martin curated and creatively directed the Music Box Sound Laboratory, a small village constructed by over 25 artists, containing musical instruments embedded in the floors ceilings walls and staircases. This radical reinvention of the musical instrument and the musical stage hosted performances throughout 2011-12 with musicians and composers from all over New Orleans and the globe collaborating to bring forth surprising and wonder-inducing experiences.

The Music Box will continue on with the creation of permanent portable playable musical structures that can travel and reconfigure themselves in various neighborhoods in New Orleans. 

The Music Box continues on with the belief that generating true experiences of surprise, wonder, and tactile joy can be a tool for the expansion of possibility in the minds and lives of those who experience it.


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