We're building an artist-run ceramics workshop in a formerly abandoned church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania.


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Braddock Tiles is an artist-led ceramics workshop that will help transform an abandoned church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide economic opportunity and leadership development by hiring and training local young adults to hand-make beautiful ceramic tiles – including roofing tiles to help rebuild the church roof.

Braddock Tiles began as a creative answer to a vexing question: How to restore a neglected landmark building in a way that honored the history of a proud manufacturing town?

North Braddock was built on manufacturing. The town was home to Andrew Carnegie’s first steel mill and is just up the road from the country’s first Carnegie Library. Decades of deindustrialization have left the town a shadow of its former self.

After acquiring a 15,000 square foot abandoned church building, Caledonia Curry (Swoon) began collaborating with local ceramicists to design and produce colorful roofing tiles that would give the church a new roof inspired by the great cathedrals of Viennese architecture.  

In 2015, a successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $100,000 to build a ceramics workshop in the church basement. Currently, Braddock Tiles ceramicists are working off-site in the Braddock Carnegie Library until renovations are completed. 


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Your tax-deductible donation will go directly towards opening the Braddock Tiles ceramics workshop, and towards hiring & training local young adults to hand-make beautiful ceramic tiles.